Google Plus Anniversary Photo Walk

Jun 26, 2012 by

G+ Photo Walk

To celebrate Google Plus’ one-year anniversary, folks have been organizing a global photo walk for this Saturday, June 30th. As of tonight, the total number of cities involved is 87. Cincinnati is one of those cities. Our photo walk will start at Fountain Square at 9:00 am, check out the west side of downtown, and end at Arnold’s Bar and Grill. Here is the route:

I tried to pick a route that would be accessible, interesting, and not interfere with the Pride parade. The route was adjusted to avoid crossing the parade. Bear in mind, the organizer doesn’t entirely know what he is doing, but what the heck, I’ve got to learn sometime.

What is a Photo Walk?

A photo walk is just an excuse for photographers of all levels to gather together and takes some interesting pictures. It doesn’t matter if you plan on using a film-based SLR, or your camera phone, the point is to get out and shoot, and then share the results. The focus on this event is to celebrate Google +, so sharing on Google + would be ideal, but choose any social media channel you choose. We will be using the hashtag #CincyPhotoWalk. Since many folks lie and use Flickr, I also created the Flickr public group Cincy Photo Walk.

I’ve only participated in one other walk, and is fun to see what other folks find to shoot. Depending on how it goes, perhaps we can do this other times and other places. If you are interested, follow the links, you can RSVP by commenting on the Google page and/or responding to the Plancast invite. Hope to see a lot of folks there, and look forward to their photos.

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