CV Irregulars

Classicgrrl, Founding Team Member – On Hiatus Classicgrrl has lived in the Cincinnati area all her life cultivating a deep love for the city and Price Hill where she currently resides. She played 10 years of classical trumpet, operated a bookstore for 4 and is an education advocate. Her passions are sound, language, and learning but mostly she seeks and causes trouble. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Woxy.



Kate “Dark Martha” Cook, Founding Team – Seasonal Dark Martha Is a jill-of-all-trades who is bound and determined to enable people to do it for themselves. Trained in the theater as a props artisan and special effects makeup artist, she has found her voice in championing local goods and services and self-sufficient practices. A self-proclaimed garden geek, Master Rain Gardener, and member of the local Weavers Guild, she lives by the credo that “manual work is not menial,” and hopes that you will also pick up the torch to strengthen our community. She blogs at Conscious Urban Living.



GeekJames, Founding Team Member – On Hiatus James Heller-Jackson is a Philadelphia native who moved to Cincinnati six years ago. A resident of Northside, he’s a gay geek father of 2 grown children, in a 13 year relationship, and his not-a-husband Doug is a co-owner of Northside’s Take the Cake Cafe. Professionally, GeekJames provides IT solutions to the corporate world, is a spokesmodel for @TaketheCakeCafe, leans way further left than most of Cincinnati, and is quite the gadfly.