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One of the first friends I made when I moved to Cincy two and a half years ago was an inventive little character named Judah Sher.

A lively and interesting young man, he was studying at DAAP and playing around with robots that make things. He had one built at the KOI Pound Artspace and was refining his designs. The technical term for his gadget is a “CNC machine.” Here, let me allow him to explain in his own words as posted recently on Sindrian Arts:

Put simply, CNC machines are one of the quickest ways to turn your ideas into physical objects.

When I was little I told anyone who asked that I wanted to be an inventor when I grew up.  I would spend hours every day just staring off into space dreaming up everything from pedal-powered airplanes to Nerf-based siege weapons.  I got into 3D computer modeling when I was around ten or so, and was amazed by how quickly I could take the images in my head and turn them into 3D objects on my screen.  Years later when I entered design school and I was introduced to the school’s CNC machines, I realized that these tools could take the 3D objects on my screen and actually make them real.

I was in love.

The fantastic thing is that he is making this a reality. He has developed two different designs for CNC machines that an individual or small business could afford and is funding things through Kickstarter. Here is his video showing the machine in action:

Even better he has someone who is backing all contributions on a dollar for dollar basis so if you throw a single at the project it becomes $2. [The minimum donation to support his project is a $1.]

Please, go check out his Kickstarter page and watch the video of the device in action. If you have any friends that are into open source, open hardware, or just plain making things pass it on to them. Having just relocated to Boston I’m sure Judah would appreciate some home town support from the Queen City.

There are only 11 days left and need to raise about 8K (as of my writing this post), let’s help get the Kikori out there!

Disclosure: I am also assisting Judah in a professional capacity on this project, but I would have posted it even if I were not because it has a Cincy angle and I dig open source stuff.

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