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I may not be a sports fan in general, but I love the new era of flat track roller derby that has grown up over the past five to seven years.  Back in New Orleans I was fortunate to count a number of the Big Easy Roller Girls as friends. (VandallO’Reilly #C8H18 I’m looking at you!) Rollergirl bouts were one of the bright spots in the post Katrina months, and one which the entire city rallied around. Maybe it was the humid swampy air and the heat, but I got the Rollergirl bug in a big way and its not something that has abated in the least since my move to the Northern reaches.

So, that brings us to the Cincinnati Roller Girls. My new home has team, trust me we checked before moving up here, and they kick ass in a big way. As a matter of fact I gather from the neighbors that the prior owner of our house in Northside was a Rollergirl, fancy that? Check out their intro produced by locally based Plum St. Studios:

It’s not your father’s roller derby. The Rollergirls I know are some of the toughest, most empowered and confident ladies I know. Its got a lot more gutsy feminism to it than lurid memories of Roller Derby’s history from the 50’s through the 70’s might suggest.

Metromix has a nice little piece about the CRG, in which they talk to some of the rookies:

Sarah Lima and Alison Fields used to be friends who called each other by their real names and ate a lot less food. Then came a 2009 roller derby movie directed by Drew Barrymore.

Blame “Whip It.”

This is how Lima and Fields, both in the same doctoral program at the University of Cincinnati, ended up here, inside a warehouse in Blue Ash, lacing up their rollerskates and strapping on helmets and getting ready to subject their bodies to yet another grueling Cincinnati Rollergirls practice. It’s how they came to call each other Bombtrack and Hop Devil and double their daily calorie intake and shrug off injuries that would make most people cry.

Good stuff, check out the whole piece. Especially if you are not familiar with the 21st Century incarnation of Roller Derby. This adrenaline fuelled sports trend has done nothing but grow exploding to over 400 teams nationally (of which the Cincy Rollergirls are #15, baby!).

So get out there and show these lovely ladies some support! The 2010 home schedule is :

March 27 vs. San Diego | April 17 vs. Arch Rival | May 8 vs. Chicago Outfit

May 29 vs. North Star | June 19 vs. Brewcity Bruisers

Go Fan their Facebook Page, follow them on twitter, feast your eyes on their YouTube Channel, friend them onMySpace, or just sample the kinetic delights of their main website! Tell your friends! Represent!

Can’t make it to the season opener? Don’t despair! Watch the action online with live streaming video, follow along with a text boutcast,  submit your comments and questions about the games and more.  As Derby News Network says, it ain’t at all like being there – but it’s close!

To watch the game online and participate in the boutcast, go to Derby News Network

Also, only in the ‘Nati do the Rollergirls Chicken Dance. See for yourself:

As a recent transplant I have yet to see this chicken dance firsthand, but I’ve heard stories. Oh, the stories I have heard…

-Loki, Founder and Curator of CincyVoices

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  1. Loki

    Oh, and here is a great video of the Basics of Flat Track Roller Derby:

  2. Ohio has four, count ’em FOUR, flat track derby leagues. Don’t know whether to root for the Cleveland or Columbus rollergirls; I’m geographically closer to Cleveland but spend a lot of time in Columbus. Also have friends in the Mad Rolling Dolls in Madison, WI

    But, my first allegiance is always to our Big Easy girls! Looks like they’re only competing within the South Central conference this year. We’ll all have to go together if they make it up here!

  3. The Roller Girls have been regulars at 4th of July festivities for some years now.
    Still, just _watching_ makes my knees & ankles hurt!

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